Security Is In Our DNA

Our specialty


Complete setup of computer networks (Active/Passive)

Network Security

Penetration testing, investigating network problems and providing hardware and software solutions to prevent unauthorized users from accessing

CCTV Camera

Installation of CCTV cameras with the best technology in the world

Batis expert team

فناوری اطلاعات باتیس-شبکه و امنیت

Batis IT Group views its personnel as invaluable assets. Presently, 38 individuals holding bachelor’s and master’s degrees contribute to various departments within the company, receiving steadfast support from the management, led by Engineer Armin Behavi. This dedicated team comprises young and skilled professionals specializing in network and cybersecurity, management, and programming, thereby possessing significant capabilities to deliver efficient services. Regular brainstorming sessions across different network and cybersecurity departments, coupled with well-defined process-based planning and monitoring programs, drive these teams towards dynamic progress.

The latest portfolio

Hamtian Plastic Industries Factory

Block 4 project of Ekbatan town

Dashte mosha project

Hemmatian Plastic Industries factory network launch project

Tejarate khalaghe Hadaf (Khanoomi)

Elin Parseh Sports Engineering Company network launch project

Services in the field of network and security

Cybersecurity services

The growing trend of technology has made it easier to access information within organizations and has heightened the importance of focusing on its preservation and security. The lack of attention to this matter, especially concerning sensitive information and critical points within the organization, can lead to irreparable damage. Additionally, the implementation of complex security methods is generally not well-received by both managers and employees.

In response to these challenges, the Batis IT team, under the leadership of Engineer Armin Raftari, applies its expertise and operational knowledge to provide security solutions tailored to the organization’s culture.

فناوری اطلاعات باتیس-شبکه و امنیت

Network and infrastructure services

When implemented and deployed correctly, information technology infrastructures significantly contribute to business improvement. Business owners often express dissatisfaction with inadequate supervision and numerous issues related to service interruptions and the lack of service support. Under the management of Engineer Armin Raftari, Batis Information Technology Company, utilizing the expertise and experience of its specialists, addresses a wide range of customer needs. The company’s comprehensive solutions cover network infrastructure and security, the establishment of specialized Microsoft services, and high-quality data support and virtualization solutions.