SnappFood’s Latest Statement on the Controversial Hack

In an official statement, Snapp Food has declared that it has fallen victim to a hack, exposing users to the depths of a disaster. However, many customers are now questioning the potential misuse of the compromised information and why they should be concerned about selling it.

Several hours after the incident made headlines, Snapp Food announced that it had been subjected to a hacking attack. The company reassured its customers, urging them not to worry about security issues related to their bank accounts and theft from their accounts. According to Snapp Food, sensitive information such as CCV card security codes, passwords, and expiration dates has not been compromised. The question remains: Is Snapp Food’s claim accurate? To what extent are users truly at risk?

The risks associated with hacking SnappFood

Hacking SnappFood and compromising user information can pose a serious threat. The data of 20 million SnappFood users, including usernames, passwords, email addresses, full names, mobile numbers, and birthdates, may be at risk.
The group IRLeaks, claiming responsibility for the attack on SnappFood’s security, has declared that they have accessed information from more than 51 million user accounts, including details such as geographic location (GPS), complete addresses, and phone numbers. The group also has information on more than 180 million mobile devices, including device type, model, platform, etc.
The hacking of SnappFood could lead to the exposure of details from over 360 million orders, containing information such as delivery address, recipient’s phone number, city, delivery time, names, and surnames, store or restaurant details, product prices, etc. These attacks may also result in the disclosure of data from 35,000 motorbike couriers collaborating with SnappFood.
The acquisition of information from over 600,000 payment transactions, including the cardholder’s full name, customer name, contact number, card number, bank name, etc., by the IRLeaks group, elevates the situation to a more alarming stage.
SnappFood’s response to security breaches: The company is collaborating with the cyber police to identify and eliminate the intrusion by this hacking group.

SnappFood’s response to user data breaches

SnappFood emphasizes two main aspects in its statement. Firstly, the hacking group sold user information before engaging in any negotiations with SnappFood. Secondly, the company is putting all efforts into preventing the release of user data and is attempting to achieve this through negotiations with the affiliated hacking group.
Users’ primary concern regarding the SnapFood hack is the exposure of banking information and the possibility of misuse and theft from their bank accounts.
SnappFood insists that the disclosed information dates back to orders created before December 10, 2023, or Azar 19 of the current year.

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