OpenAI faced an earthquake; the CEO of ChatGPT company was ousted

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On November 15, 2023, the board of directors of OpenAI, known for creating the artificial intelligence tool “ChatGPT,” decided to dismiss Sam Altman, the CEO of the company.

In recent months, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, had been recognized as a prominent figure in the Silicon Valley tech companies. Therefore, this decision came as a surprising and unexpected move to observers and stakeholders.

The board members stated that the decision was due to Sam Altman’s “persistent lack of transparency” with the board. Criticisms were raised against Altman for baseless critiques of colleagues and the board, as well as insufficient communication on his part.

The board of the company expressed that, due to these criticisms, the trust in Sam Altman as the leader of the company had been eroded. Consequently, they would no longer have confidence in him as the CEO of the company.

Interim Replacement for Sam Altman

In an effort to address the situation, Miriam Moratti, the company’s Chief Technical Officer, has been selected as the temporary replacement. Miriam Moratti will assist in managing the company until a permanent CEO is appointed.

In response to this development, 38-year-old Sam Altman stated in a social media post that he considers his tenure at OpenAI as a valuable and enjoyable period. Following this incident, he joined Microsoft.

The abrupt removal of Sam Altman, which was communicated to the company members via email, was sudden and shocking. The name of this company gained attention in November 2022 with the introduction of the artificial intelligence tool “ChatGPT,” impacting the technology and artificial intelligence sectors as a whole.

In 2018, Miriam Moratti joined OpenAI from Tesla. She has assured the employees of the company about the continuity of collaboration with Microsoft.

It is noteworthy that although Microsoft is not represented on the board of OpenAI, as a financial institution, it has contributed billions of dollars to this company.

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